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George Barrie Band

"Maybe" - Official Music Video

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Modern Video production studio with a passion for creating distinctive visuals

Ambear Media is primarily a video production studio based out of Columbus, Ohio that brings energy, creativity, and genuine passion to bring you original visual media that will suit your exact needs:

  • Getting to know your brand
  • Budget
  • Research
  • Crew Staffing
  • Conceptualizing
  • Storyboarding
  • Art Department
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Creative Directing

If you already have the creative and logistics figured out, I can take it from here.

Detailed Post-Production

During post-production, attention to detail is of the most importance. I use tools and software consistent with large studios

Producer & Creative
Designing Original Concepts

This is my favorite part about video production. I love being able to bond with an original idea and watch it come to fruition.

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Already working on a project and need some additional help? I can lend a hand with that too.

George Barrie Band - Maybe

Columbus Ohio's own The George Barrie Band’s upbeat blend of guitar driven groovy rock and pop strives to balance powerful songwriting with melodic/bluesy guitar playing.

Watch the official music video for their latest single: "Maybe"
Produced by Ambear Media.

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We provide high quality services using the latest software

We strive for using up-to-date tools and techniques

We utilize the most up to date tools and programs used by even the largest studios but without the headaches and overhead that comes with it.

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Quality, yet cost effective services.
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It’s all about that human (or bear) connection

I think every creative has a unique way of looking at the world. There is something that lives in us that has a need to be brought into the world for validation. It’s through this validation that our perspective can not only be vocalized or metaphysical, but can also be tangible. Not only for ourselves but also to be experienced by others.

I feel so lucky to have an education in the Fine Arts. It has given me a new perspective of visual arts and video production and I have been able to think of them as one. I am so eager to bring my wildest ideas and dreams to life and involve passionate people along the way.

I get so much energy collaborating on others’ visions and helping feather those ideas into something bigger or more defined. It is the most rewarding feeling. Let’s work together!

Amber Thompson Founder, Ambear Media
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